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President Li Jin-zhi founded Taiwan Eastern Asia Electronic Steel Co., Ltd in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County in July 1974. Originally named “Taizhuang Electronics Co., Ltd, the factory specialized in producing silicon steel sheet (EI lamination). Its replenishment in 1980 led to its reorganization, hence the name “Taiwan Eastern Asia Electronic Steel Co., Ltd.” It imports materials from Nippon Steel, Japanese-made hydraulic pressing machines, as well as the roller hearth continuous furnace (from Daido Co., Ltd.), which is a machinery imported by no other companies in Taiwan. It has also been running a technical cooperation programme with “TONGYA TELECOMMUNICATION INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Japan” for over twenty years, always endeavoring to promote the technical competence of EI lamination in Taiwan while marketing quality products at home and abroad.



In 1980, it relocated to Zhongli Industrial Park in Taoyuan City and started to extend its product lines relating to electromagnetic steel sheet, toroids core, material sale, and materials of motor heat treatment.
Cutting and processing business.

The plant, which specializes in electromagnetic steel processing, is of comparatively considerable size in Taiwan. It has 19 hydraulic pressing machines and a specialized cutting production line.
The EI plant led the trend of importing advanced Japanese machineries with its use of roller hearth continuous vacuum furnace.

President Li Jin-zhi retired in 2007 and Mr. Li Guo-zhong took over as the chairman to continue running the business with a sure-footed fashion.

It purchased the heat treatment furnaces from Daido Co., Ltd. in 2014 and these were officially put into operation in October 2014.

Main products: sales of electromagnetic steel sheet related materials and cutting processing business.
                        The manufacturing and sales both at home and abroad of power transformers,
                        EI lamination, punch processing and toroids cores.
                        Heat treatment and processing businesses of motor, EI, and toroids cores.


No.3, Ding’an Rd., Jhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 32061, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Zhongli Industrial Park)
TEL:03-4523163 FAX:03-4523166 Email:tea00924@ms35.hinet.net